After struggling for quiet a time with getting used to Pyramid framework, I finally could get started with it. I could finally add a new page to the current oerpub.swordpush.buildout

What is buildout ?

Buildout is used for deploying applications and the possibly needed dependecies in a repeatable way. It is possible that the dependecies may not be just Python eggs. In short it acts like an importer for all the egg. Si once you do a buiild out (I will be explaining this steps shortly) the files that come up in the bin directory will have a path defined something like this

import sys  
sys.path[0:0] = [  
		  # and other things  

What is the need of Buildout ??

It is in a very basic sense a package manager a-la virtual environment that gives isolates you 
from os packaging. No matter what OS you develop on and what OS you deploy too.

Now I had to create a new repo for my GSoC 2012 project, which sits here :

This does not end here ! I have to eggify my repo, how do you do this ? But before that :

What does eggifying your source code mean ?

In lay man language Eggs are to Python as JARS are tp JAVA or .debs are to Debian and
RPMs to Fedora. Its basically a package manager,a way of bundling additional information
with a Python project that allows projects dependecies to be checked and satisfied at runtime
The general packaged file format for distributing eggs is **.egg** zip file format.

More on Python eggs can be read at

The next step was to include my code in the buildout, integrating it with rest of swordpushweb/

  1. I created a new branch on the swordpushweb-buildout repo : git checkout -b gsoc2012

  2. Added in the eggs section the name of my repo:
    eggs = pyramid oerpub.rhaptoslabs.swordpushweb oerpub.rhaptoslabs.sword1cnx oerpub.rhaptoslabs.sword2cnx oerpub.rhaptoslabs.cnxml2htmlpreview oerpub.rhaptoslabs.html_gdocs2cnxml oerpub.rhaptoslabs.latex2cnxml oerpub.rhaptoslabs.slideimporter rhaptos.cnxmlutils sword2

  3. Added my repository to buildout.cfg this way : In the sources part Add this line :

oerpub.rhaptoslabs.slideimporter = git git://

  1. You are almost there , now follow the README at :

My next post would be on how I added a Hello World for my repo !
Special Thanks to Marvin and Rijk for theri help !

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17 May 2012