I completed the complete UI flow for importing to SlideShare http://www.slideshare.net . The UI flow is like this :(I will be referring to the user as he henceforth) 1. User logs in to Connexions http://www.cnx.org. To import a slide from his desktop he is directed to the http://www.cnx.org/slideshare_importer page.

  1. User can choose from PPT/PPTX/ODT presentation from his workstation and click ‘Import’ . The presenation will get deposited in Connexions and will be queued for Conversion at SlideShare.
  1. As SlideShare processes Slideshows in batches, there is generally a lag of 20 minutes before the SlideShow get s converted at the SLideSHare End. The view looks like this :

The user can click on Refresh Status to check if the slideshow has been converted

  1. Once the Slideshow conversion is complete, it appears on the page as an oembed iframe and a download link to download the original slides appear near it

The full code that got it working is here : https://gist.github.com/2881036

The other Challenge was to do similar stuff for Google Presentatios :

I am just writing the code for it , will update this post later to talk about the logic(I have it on a different workstation and forgot to git add it :p): https://gist.github.com/288107


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